Springdale, Arkansas Cannabis Accountant

Roger McCloud

Chief Executive Officer

My vision and Goal for IRON is to create a ring of financial services that benefit our clients. Our logo speaks for Itself. The Circle represents our unified collaboration with our clients. The “I “represent integrity and the gold reminds us to always protect our client’s wealth.

I have spent the last 10 plus years perfecting my accounting and management abilities. I have attended Indiana Bible College and Mid-American Christian University. I have made my name known in accounting and been a leader in the field for many other accountants and accounting firms over the last several years. I have also been featured in several magazines for my leadership style. I look forward to driving a company that constantly changes with fresh ideals and that progresses as technology progresses.

In my personal life I enjoy being with my four dogs. Captain, Tenniel, Grizzly, and Cosmo. I also enjoy cleaning. My favorite thing to do is vacuum. I also love to cook for friends and family.


My contact information is as follows.  

918-302-1040 ext 2005