Broken Arrow Tax Accountant

Broken Arrow may be a small town but the need for a good tax accountant is a must in this ever-changing world. The majority of individuals who utilized tax preparers had no idea what qualifications they possessed. When making these monumental decisions you need to know their credentials, experience, their dependability, and simply if they sign the filings. It is amazing how few are aware that hiring an expensive professional can be a risky business and that you should always do some research before handing over your money or personal data

Broken Arrow Tax Accountant

How Do You Identify A Good Broken Arrow Tax Accountant?


Know If They'd Have Your Back

The best tax preparers have to be available. Clients need their tax accountant to be present when they are in front of the IRS on appeals, audits, and collections issues. A good accountant will take your call or respond quickly by email, especially during filing season when many people have questions about their returns.

A good tax preparer will not simply look at your return and determine if they can save you money. They should also ask questions and make suggestions on how to plan for the future by suggesting strategies that can reduce your taxes now and in years to come.


Are They Willing to Provide Preparer The Tax Identification Number (PTIN)?
Tax Accountants who create or assist in the preparation of federal tax returns must have a PTIN, according to the IRS. If the tax preparers are volunteering their time a PTIN is not needed. The words "for compensation" need to be added to the filing when there is a cost to the preparation. Make sure your income tax preparer includes his or her PTIN number on your return. The IRS also has this requirement.


Will They Sign Your Tax Filing?
This is a sign of responsibility and maturity. If your tax preparer is not willing to sign your return, you should walk away and find someone who will. Paid preparers must sign their clients' returns and produce their PTINs under federal law. A good tax preparer will be willing to sign your return and include his or her PTIN. It shows they have nothing to hide and confidence in the work.


Does Your Tax Accountant Have A Enrolled Agent Designation Or Law License?
An Enrolled Agent Designation is a designation given by the IRS to individuals who have passed exams testing their knowledge of tax law. They can represent taxpayers before the IRS if they have unfiled tax returns, liens, levies, and wage garnishments. Other signs that your income tax preparer is a good choice are if they have taken continuing education classes to keep up with changes in the tax law.


Where Is Their Attorney's License, Enrolled Agent Designation, Or Most Important Their CPA?
Finding someone with a PTIN is not difficult. Go one step farther and get a credentialed professional. This would be a certified public accountant (CPA), licensed attorney, enrolled agent (EA), or has completed the IRS's Annual Filing Season course.  And as a taxpayer, it is your responsibility to determine that they have all of their licenses and credentials.