Why is an accountant an important tool to have?

Springdale, Arkansas Cannabis Accountant

 What is an Accountant?

 According to Webster’s Dictionary, an Accountant is one who is skilled in the practice of accounting or who is in charge of public or private accounts.

 What can an Accountant do for my business?

 If you have a good Accountant, they will help you with many things. Accountants are similar to attorneys, however they focus more on business and tax laws and regulations in order to help their clients save money. Where Lawyers give legal advice, Accountants give non legal advice.

 A good Accountant will help you reduce your tax debt. If your Accountant is simply charging you and just entering data and providing you the financial summary every month then you don’t have a good accountant. As an Accountant it is important to offer your clients more than just basic bookkeeping. It is important to ask the following questions: What makes your accountant stand out? Is your accountant helping you save money? Is your accountant performing work in a timely manner? What services does your accountant offer other than the filing of your return each year, a P&L and a Balance Sheet?

 Accountants are very important assets for all business. Below are 3 big reasons why:

 1. Financial Growth- An accountant can help you grow your small business, increase revenue without decreasing profit.

 2. Accountability- An Accountant who performs their job to the fullest will help you with staying accountable. Accountable to your business plan, to your employees, to government agencies and much more.

 3. Tax Savings-Most Accountants who are well versed in tax law can save your hundreds even thousands of dollars a year in taxes and some as much as 60-70% in one year.

 What is your Accountant doing for you?

If after reading the above you feel like you aren’t getting the full “Accountant” service and commitment, please give me a call or email me (see below for contact information).

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Roger McCloud